If You're Thinking About Taking Part In The 'BirdBox Challenge' Think Again, Per Netflix's Orders

If You're Thinking About Taking Part In The 'BirdBox Challenge' Think Again, Per Netflix's Orders

If you've been tempted by the 'Bird Box' challange craze, Netflix have something they would like to address...

With Netflix being one of the biggest mass entertainment media giants, it's no wonder Bird Box, the new Original film, has taken off with a blast and had an oustanding 46 million accounts watching within a mere week since first being released.

The plot of the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which a tense mother, along with her two children, must find sanctuary from a lethal supernatural entity which causes its victims to eventually die by suicide on encounter. The biggest challenge of all, of course, is doing that they must remain blindfolded throughout the entire endeavor. But it's not only the nightmare-inducing drama-thriller itself that has gone viral...

Indeed, the popularity of the film hasn't stopped there - it is 2019 after all which can only mean one thing: more viral challenges! It seems internet users and Bird Box fans alike invented a new challange which  takes its name from the movie itself, the 'Bird Box' challenge. Taking its key concept from the plotline, the challenge requires participants to attempt their daily tasks whilst wearing a blindfold throughout the entire activity, whether that's taking your kids to school or simply trying to get from one room to another in one piece. 

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While it sounds tempting given its hilarity, it seems Netflix had some bones to pick following the 'Bird Box' challenge epidemic. The big guys themselves released a statement on Twitter after the viral challenge took over. Check out the video above to see what they had to say...   



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