If You Liked Get Out, You're Gonna Love The Terrifying Trailer For Jordan Peele's Next Movie

The trailer for ‘US’, second movie by director Jordan Peele has just been released. And it will frighten you!

If you liked 2017's Get Out, you’re gonna love Us, Jordan Peele's second horror movie. The first images have just been released and the trailer is already all over social media. That explains the various hashtags (#watchyourself, #weareourownworstenemy, etc.) that debuted with the poster last week.

After starring in Twelve Years a Slave, Star Wars Episode VII and Black Panther, Lupita Nyong'o will play one of the main roles - and she's absolutely captivating in the trailer.

The trailer for Jordan Peele's Us takes horror to a new level, with the movie's main characters fighting versions of themselves. As far as the trailer itself goes, it's not immediately clear that the intruders are versions of the Wilsons themselves. When the family's son, played by Evan Alex, tells his parents, ’There's a family in our driveway,’ his dad, Gabe, isn't worried, saying it's likely just the neighbours at their beach house. But the four people in front of them break into their house — and when their masks are off, they look just like the Wilsons...

The film will be released next March. We’re terrifyingly excited for it.

Check out the video above to see the trailer for yourself!

Why do we love scary and horror films so much? Why do we love scary and horror films so much?