Hollywood: Who Is The Most Overpaid Actor In 2017

Hollywood actors have the luxury of being able to demand salaries that would send any average person into full-blown cardiac arrest. However, certain actors don’t provide big studios the return on investment that they may have been hoping for. Forbes recently put together their year-end list, and it’s not looking too pretty for a few famous actors...

2017 was a record year in film on a few different fronts, with three different films cracking the one billion USD mark worldwide already – and that’s not yet including the sure-fire smash blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Not everyone saw the same amount of success however. Forbes has released their list of most overpaid actors and has seen quite a few surprising names on there.

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum comes in at third place, after appearing in films such as The Lego Batman Movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and Logan Lucky. It’s the latter of the three that can be considered the box office flop, and what may have contributed to his spot on the list: Logan Lucky grossed £34.9 million against a £21.7 million budget. Overall, Channing Tatum had a return of 7.6x – not good but not the worst.

The number two spot goes to our favourite Dark Knight, Christian Bale. Now while we generally consider Mr. Bale to be quite the box office draw, his role this year in Terry George’s The Promise proved to be the exception with an 11% return on an over £67 million budget. Come year end, Bale had a return of just 6.7x – miserable by Hollywood standards.

However the title of King of Overpaid goes to Mark Wahlberg, and does he ever deserve it. Unfortunately for Wahlberg, the two films which would earn the most in cinemas (the newest Transformers and Daddy’s Home 2) missed the deadline for Forbes calculations. Between Patriot’s Day and Deepwater Horizon, Mark Wahlberg brings studios a measly return of 4.4x. Not a good look, Mark.

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