Pokemon: Ryan Reynolds Set To Play Pikachu In Live Action Film

Pokemon: Ryan Reynolds Set To Play Pikachu In Live Action Film

First Deadpool, now Pikachu: Ryan Reynolds is depicting all of our favourite childhood characters. 

When news broke a few weeks ago that there would be a film starring the poster boy for Pokémon, we all wondered who would get the honour of playing the leading role. Well word is out that Canadian Ryan Reynolds will be playing the electric mouse in the live action film based on the Nintendo 3DS title Detective Pikachu.

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Now while some people are ecstatic that the Deadpool actor will bring the Pokemon to life, there are people that staunchly stand by another actor who they believe is perfect to play the role – Danny DeVito. DeVito – who has most recently been starring in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as the grotesque yet hilarious Frank Reynolds – could have proven to be absolutely hilarious portraying Pikachu as a foul-mouthed pipsqueak with a New Jersey accent.

One thing is for sure: it’s going to be pretty weird to hear Pikachu actually speak with a human voice. We’re crossing our fingers it doesn’t ruin any childhood memories.

Stacey Williams
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