Everything You Need To Know About Robert Pattinson’s New Film ‘The Batman’

The next Batman film is scheduled to be released next summer and although we still have lots of questions, we already know quite a lot about the cast, plot and where it stands in the DC Comics Universe.

Everything You Need To Know About Robert Pattinson’s New Film ‘The Batman’
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The Batman is the next film in line for this superhero and none other than Robert Pattinson will be assuming the role of Bruce Wayne. Big Little Lies star Zoe Kravitz is set to play Catwoman with Paul Dano as the Riddler and The Gentleman star Colin Farrel as the Penguin. It looks like once again, Batman will be facing off against a range of enemies, in the streets of Gotham.

In regards to the script, Matt Reeves has already revealed that not only will the film focus quite a lot on Bruce Wayne’s superhero side, but also his investigative side. There will even be something completely new thrown into the mix as well.

One question that fans have been asking themselves is whether The Batman will be connected to the DC Universe.We recently learned that Rick & Morty has a connection with Marvel and although this also exists with the new Batman film, it won’t be as obvious and pronounced, so we’re not expecting a big connection to other films from the DC Comic Universe.

That aside, fans seem to be looking forward to this upcoming sequel and The Lighthouse star Robert Pattinson has already signed a contract stating that he will be playing Bruce Wayne in the next three films. But we’ll have to wait until next summer when the movie hits theatres to find out more.