Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Recreates Jack Nicholson's Iconic Scene From The Shining For The Super Bowl

Bryan Cranston and Little's actress Tracee Ellis Ross have created an iconic scene from The Shining in a Mountain Dew commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl

Each year creatives put in hard work to give us the most brilliant commercials for the Super Bowl. Being broadcast in front of a massive audience, the event sparks fierce competition between ad agencies, and the results are amazing every year.

In recent year it's become standard for companies to release their Super Bowl ads online ahead of the main event.

This year is no different, you'll see Sam Elliott remixes Lil Nas X's record-breaking hit Old Town Roadfor Doritos,Post Malone tries hard seltzer for Bud Light, and The Avengers star Chris Evans alongside A Quiet Place's director and actor John Krasinski adopt a tchick New England accent in a Hyundai ad to introduce the Sonata. And the list goes on...

Our Favourite this year comes from Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter White parodies Jack Nicholson in the iconic scene from the 40-year-old horror movie The Shining. Mountain Dew perfectly recreated the hallways of Stanley Kubrick's Overlook Hotel.

What a great choice to bring back life to Stephen King's classic novel. The Malcolm In The Middle star delivers a shockingly perfect impression of the crazy writer Jack Torrance and we also get to see Cranston as the movie's villain. The actor is joined by Black'ish's Tracee Ellis Ross, to play petrified Wendy.

Check out the video above to look at the ad.

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