Amazon Is Going To Extraordinary Lengths To Prevent Leaks Of The New Lord Of The Rings Series

Amazon recently announced their most exciting upcoming series - a brand new adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. And they don’t want any details about it to get out. So they’ve come up with an impressive device to prevent leaks.

Fans of Tolkien's universe will have to be patient. Amazon is preparing a series based on The Lord of the Rings, but they're not giving much away. So far, all we have is a mysterious map of Middle Earth, with the legend 'Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky' a sentence from the epigraph that begins the literary saga. This clue seems to suggest that the series will take place well before the Oscar-winning film adaptations.

The series is not planned for release until 2021, and in the meantime Amazon want to avoid any leaks. They have therefore taken very strict measures to make sure absolutely nothing gets out.

Incredible writing conditions

"We have a fantastic locked room for screenwriters and have already produced some very exciting content," said Jennifer Salke, Director of Amazon Studios. "You have to go through a security device to access it, and all the windows are masked with tape, there is also a security guard sitting in front, and you have to present your fingerprint in order to be able to enter." she told the magazine Hollywood Reporter, whose words were taken by BFMTV.

A device worthy of the most extensive classified secret defence projects. Even the press don't have access to the scriptwriters! Patience is the only way...

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Amazon Reveals Exciting New Details About Upcoming Lord Of The Rings Series Amazon Reveals Exciting New Details About Upcoming Lord Of The Rings Series