After playing Superman, Henry Cavill could join the MCU... As Wolverine!

While his future as Superman remains unclear, and he is now playing Geralt in The Witcher on Netflix, Henry Cavill may well join the MCU. The actor is supposedly in talks with Marvel to join the cast of Captain Marvel 2... by putting on the claws of a very special character.

What will the Marvel Cinematic Universe, better known as MCU, look like now that Iron Man and Captain America are gone? If the films Black Widow with Scarlet Johansson and The Eternals could provide some initial answers this year, we will probably have to wait until 2021, or even 2022 to know the answer to this question.

After Superman and Geralt... Wolverine for Henry Cavill?

Unless we are in for a big surprise, we will be seeing Captain Marvel again in 2022. She first appeared on the big screen last year in her solo film, and a few months later in Avengers: Endgame. Played by Brie Larson, the character was a huge success: a solo film that exceeded £1 billion at the worldwide box office, while giving her the status of the future leader of the Avengers.

A status that could well assert itself as soon as the next solo adventure of the superheroine, which remains quite mysterious. Beyond the release date, we don't know much about what awaits Carol Danvers, except that she could be in for a romance with another famous heroine from the Marvel universe... For the past few hours, another rumour has been spreading about Captain Marvel 2: Wolverine could well be a part of this sequel, marking his big debut in the MCU.

And the actor who would play the most famous mutant, played for many years by Hugh Jackman, may have been found: Henry Cavill. Having just started shooting season 2 of The Witcher, which has just found its Vesemir, the Briton could join the ranks of Marvel, after playing Superman for rival DC. It is, in fact, The Digital Weekly which announced that:

‘sources say the actor is in discussions to play Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2 with Brie Larson. Since the acquisition of Fox Studios, Marvel is said to be looking to bring some X-Men characters into the MCU.’ A statement to obviously be taken with a grain of salt…

Since Disney acquired Fox Studios, and the X-Men as a result, the integration of the mutants into the MCU is clearly the priority for Phases 4 and 5. Besides Magneto and Professor X, it is almost a given that Wolverine will also be making a new appearance, following Hugh Jackman's 17 years of loyal service. It remains to be seen whether an appearance in Captain Marvel 2 is the most logical... A few weeks ago, Mark Ruffalo had already mentioned Wolverine by revealing that he had had discussions with Kevin Feige for a Hulk vs Wolverine movie...

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