FIFA 18: The (Almost) Guaranteed Technique For Stopping Penalties

Trying to save penalties in FIFA 18 has been somewhat a challenge since its release. If you still can’t save penalties and you desperately need to learn the controls, we’ve got the perfect tutorial. These tips and tricks are bound to earn you a few victories on any game mode.

FIFA 18: The (Almost) Guaranteed Technique For Stopping Penalties
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We’ve all been there. It’s late into the game, the tension is mounting all you need to do is hold out and you’ve won the game. But a quick opposition counter attack catches you off guard and you hastily foul the opposition striker in the box. If you often struggle trying to save penalties, we’ve got the perfect tutorial.

You’ve brought down the opposing striker in the penalty area, now you have to save the penalty. Here’s how to put all the odds in your favour. First of all, look at how the striker sets himself up. the striker’s head position will give you an inkling on his shot direction. If the striker is looking to the right hand side, move your goalkeeper in the same direction. However, be careful. The striker could change his direction at any point so don’t dive too early. Finally, dive more towards the ground; it’s where most people tend to put their penalties.