You Could Earn Money Off Of These Old Toys From McDonald’s

You Could Earn Money Off Of These Old Toys From McDonald’s

You may want to search dusty boxes, your attic, under your bed, your childhood home for rare collectables from McDonald’s Happy Meals—your findings could earn you some cash.

Do you remember the excitement of collecting a new toy when you went to McDonald’s as a kid? Yeah, the food was great and all (besides the ensuing stomach ache), but the toy provided you with entertainment for at least a couple of days.

But most of you—or your parents—probably chucked your toy away after a few hours or days of playing with it, but if you didn’t, it’s your lucky day. Why? Well, some of McDonald’s toys could earn you some cash!

Some rare collectables even date back to 1979. If you managed to collect and save the entire collection of Robots by Diener Keshi, you could make $400. Keep in mind that you will only earn money if you have the entire set!

However, most collectables come from the ‘90s and early 2000s. Do you remember the Furby craze? McDonald’s handed out a mini, key-chain Furby in their Happy Meals; you can make $120 if you have just one of these little toys.

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Which other ‘90s and early 2000s Happy Meal toys could make you some money? Take a look at our video for the perfect blend of nostalgia and a list of McDonald’s rare collectables.

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