You Can Get Your Hands On A 41-Cheese Pizza Next Weekend - And It's Totally Free

Attention pizza-lovers - next weekend you could get your hands on an incredible 41-cheese pizza in celebration of the cheesiest event of the year - the Eurovision Song Contest! To mark the occasion, Spareroom are teaming up with a popular pizzeria to create a beast of a pizza which incorporates one cheese from each participating Eurovision nation - and they'll be sending them out for free!

It's that time of year again - the Eurovision Song Contest is almost upon us. If you haven't heard the UK's entry yet, you might want to look Michael Rice and his song Bigger Than Us up - as many are tipping it as the best entry the UK's had in years.

Even if you're not so interested in the musical side of things, Eurovision is always a great chance to get together with a group of mates and eat and drink the night away whilst listening to Graham Norton rip the weird and wonderful acts from every corner of Europe - and, somewhat inexplicably, Australia (???) - to shreds.

This year, flatsharing company Spareroom are bringing us an epic 41-cheese pizza to mark the occasion. Featuring one cheese from each participating nation, this unbelievable feast is going to be given out for free - on a first come first basis on Saturday 18th May.

This is the full list of the cheeses that will be on the pizza:

Albania - Kaçkavall style cheese

Armenia - Chechil Cheese Braid

Australia - Extra Mature Cheddar

Austria - Austrian Smoked Cheese

Azerbaijan - Kajmak Travnik

Belarus - Quark

Belgium - Pie d'Angloys

Croatia - Paski sir

Cyprus - Halloumi

Czech Republic - Korbaciky unsmoked

Denmark - Castello Danish Blue

Estonia - Andre style cheese

Finland - Leipäjuusto style cheese

France - Camembert

Georgia - Jaunpils Sulguni

Germany -Beechwood German Smoked

Greece - Epiros Greek Feta

Hungary - Randolder style cheese

Iceland - Skyr yoghurt

Ireland - Cashel Blue style cheese

Israel - Tal Haemek style cheese

Italy - Parmigiano Reggiano

Latvia - Talsu Ritulis Green

Lithuania - Luksiu Suris

North Macedonia - Kashkavel style cheese

Malta - Gbjena style cheese

Moldova - Rossiyskiy

Montenegro - Pljevaljski style cheese

Netherlands - Gouda

Norway - Jarlsberg

Poland - Mlekpol Krolewski Z Kolna

Portugal - Queijo Azeitao Quinta Do Anjo Dop Simões

Romania - Branza Burduf

Russia - Salt Smoked 'braid' Kosichka style cheese

Serbia - Bryndza

San Marino - Auricchio Mild Provolone

Slovenia - Trnic style cheese

Spain - Manchego

Sweden - Åseda Gräddost

Switzerland - Emmental

United Kingdom - Wensleydale

So, who's up for the challenge? Check out the video above to see where you can get your hands on the pizza!

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