This Veggie Burger From Burger King Has Upset Quite A Lot Of Vegetarians!

Burger King clearly wanted to bring more variety to its menu as well as appeal to vegetarians when they added this new veggie burger to their range. Their target audience however was anything but enthusiastic.

Recently, Burger King released their ‘Rebel Whopper’ which contains a meatless patty made of soybeans, wheat protein, sunflower oil, stabilisers and natural flavourings. This vegetarian burger is currently available in 2,500 stores spanning over 25 European countries. In theory, this is a good thing, since we should, after all, opt for something other than meat every now and then.

Produced by Unilever

However, the burger, whose patty is produced by a company named Unilever, has been highly criticised. It is not suitable for vegans since the mayo used on the burger contains animal products, which means that a large part of their target audience has already ruled it out as an option.

Furthermore, the patty is cooked on the same grill as those made of chicken and beef which means that bits from the meat patties could end up being transferred to the vegetarian options and could also be tasted. And it is for this exact reason that people have been complaining.

‘It’s still possible for ‘murder fat’ to find its way into the Veggie burger,’ complain some critics. Burger King, however, has said that this argument is untenable since there are strict conditions that need to be met. They have said that meatless patties are grilled on the left side, and those containing meat are grilled on the right.

Meatless patties are grilled on the left and those with meat on the right... Different grill plates would be better.’

But the rules may not be followed

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Nevertheless, according to critics, there is always the possibility that these rules may not be adhered to during those hectic lunchtime rush hours. Although Burger King seems to mean well, their target audience is still not 100% convinced.

Lots of vegans and vegetarians complain that many fast-food chains don’t offer enough products that are suitable for them, even though some of the vegan options are enough to make your mouth water. For the time being, however, it seems the best course of action would be to prepare a home-cooked burger just to be on the safe side since some fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s can be a bit risky.

Moreover, many potential customers have also been complaining that these meatless burgers as too expensive, as the Luxembourg news source L’Essentiel has reported. If you are interested in finding out what the world’s most expensive burger is.

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