This Couple Got Married At KFC - And It Was Beautiful

True lovers of fast-food, Edward Simms and his wife Cherish welcomed their marriage guests at KFC for the meal. Unique indeed.

As far as out of the ordinary goes, this is definitely an out of the ordinary wedding. Edward and Cherish rented out their favourite KFC for free, in Worcester, England. For the reception after their marriage, it was decorated with balloons in the KFC colours.

The lovers welcomed their 40 guests at very little expense: they only spent close to 90 pounds to feed them! In total, their marriage cost around 450 pounds. They money that they saved meant they could have a nicer honeymoon.

Cherish Simms explained this surprising decision: “it was a mutual decision, we thought it would bring a bit more fun. […] Also, we love chicken and chips. […] We didn’t want a boring reception.” Mission complete. We bet that the couple and their guests will remember it for the rest of their lives!

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