McDonald’s: Huge 99p sale starts on Valentine's Day

Some of McDonald’s menu favourites are only 99p this week. Check the full list here!

For the upcoming two weeks, McDonald’s has decided to sell many of its menu favourites for only 99p. This isn’t the first time the major fast-food chain has sold items for less than a pound. Just last Monday, customers could get the quarter pounder with cheese for 99p.

What’s on the menu?

Some of the discounted items include chicken nuggets, normally at £3.79 for six pieces, as well as the McChicken sandwich, priced the same as the nuggets. This allows you to save £2.60. The classic triple cheeseburger is also down to 99p instead of £2.29, saving £1.30.

Not all discounted items are being sold at 99p. Indeed the chicken selects have been reduced down to £1.49 instead of £4.09, saving you £2.60!

Here’s the full list:

  • 99p Triple cheeseburger, usually around £2.29 - save: £1.30
  • 99p Quarter pounder with cheese, usually around £3.79 - save: £2.80
  • 99p Filet-o-fish, usually around £3.79 - save: £2.80
  • 99p Veg Deluxe, usually around £3.79 - save: £2.80
  • 99p McChicken Sandwich, usually around £3.79 - save: £2.80
  • 99p Six chicken McNuggets, usually around £3.79 - save: £2.80
  • £1.49 Three Chicken Selects, usually around £4.09 - save: £2.60

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It starts on February 14

This huge sale starts on Valentine’s Day but surprisingly has nothing to do with the romantic day. McDonald’s is launching a new ad campaign called ‘My McDonald’s Stories’. It aims to encourage people to share their stories of how they enjoy their fast-food treats.

The 99p deal only works once a day through the app, which is also where you fill out your application for the competition. The My McDonald’s app is free on the App Store and Google Play store.

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