McDonald's has come out with 'secret menu' that lets you merge several burgers in one

What if we told you, you could have two to even three of your favourite McDonald's burgers in one? Well, this hack will completely change your life!

Having a hard time choosing between a McFish or the classic Big Mac? You don't have to! McDonald's over in the US has come out with a secret menu that lets you merge several of your favourite menu items into one. Talk about a level up!

After years of customers having come up with the craziest concoctions and sharing them on the Internet, the fast food giant has finally taken note and come out with its own hacks. Here are the four combination recipes they came out with in the US that you can try by ordering individually and stacking together here in the UK.

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1. The Hash Brown McMuffin

Who would have thought that adding potatoes into your McMuffin would make such a difference? Well, it does, and you should most definitely try this one out.

2. The Crunchy Double

How about adding some juicy chicken nuggets into your Double Cheeseburger? Oh and don't forget the tangy BBQ sauce!

3. The Surf and Turf

Craving a bit of the sea while munching on some beef? Try this one out by simply merging a McFish with a Double Cheeseburger and bam! There you have it—McDonald's' very own surf and turf.

4. The Land, Air and Sea

But what if what you're really craving for is a bit of fish, poultry and red meat? Well, they also have you covered for that with this gem of a burger which incorporates a Big Mac, a McChiken and a McFish!

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