McDonald's Are Introducing New Grand Big Mac For Their 50th Birthday

McDonalds’ iconic burger will this year, celebrate its 50th birthday. To celebrate its legendary status, McDonalds are releasing two new versions of the classic sandwich.

It’s the ultimate cure for any hangover, hump day or even when you just feel like grabbing a quick bite to eat. Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of pulling in to a McDonalds be it for those Chicken McNuggets, a McFlurry or even a cheeky Big Mac. If you’re a fan of the latter, good news. The American fast food giant are re-vamping their legendary burger to celebrate its 50th birthday.

The first adaptation of the burger is the Grand Big Mac. This will have the same ingredients as the original, lettuce, onions, pickles, Big Mac sauce and two beef patties all served up on a sesame seed bun and TWO slices of cheese. What makes this Big Mac so “grand” is the fact it’s much wider than the original, making that spiritual journey you take as you take a bite, all the more special.

The second variation downsizes from the original but make no mistake, it still provides the same level of joy. The Mac Jr. This smaller sandwich substitute’s one beef patty meaning eating one, won’t be as messy as trying to get your mouth around the Grand. Still encompassing all of the classic ingredients, this new burger is sure to bring a new wave of mouth-watering happiness.

There’s the good news. Now, time for the bad news. You’ll need to make sure you grab one soon because unfortunately, these pair will only be around until the 20th March. After that date, we can only hope and pray that McDonalds see the light and make it a permanent feature on the standard menu.

McDonald’s is bringing back the Double Big Mac-but it comes at a cost McDonald’s is bringing back the Double Big Mac-but it comes at a cost