McDonald's reverses prices back to 1996 as nod to England-Scotland Euro2020 match

To commemorate the last face off between Scotland and England in 1996, McDonald's will be offering discounts ahead of today's England-Scotland Euro2020 match.

As the saying goes: older times were simpler times(and much cheaper ones too, if we might add). So, in light of England and Scotland's Euro2020 match, McDonald's will be offering select items at discounted prices—and some of these prices will have you traveling back in time!

Time traveling prices

Today's Euro2020 fixture between the two teams will be the first time they face each other in a major tournament meeting since 1996. And though you might not remember much about that year, you'll get a very generous look into the prices of some of the most popular menu items at McDonald's.

Meaning that the McMuffin you love to munch on so much will cost you nothing more than a single quid. Meanwhile, the most quintessential menu item the fast food chain is known for—the Big Mac—will set you back a mere £1.79.

However, you'll have to act fast as the offer stands today only (Friday, June 18), so if you've been looking for any excuse to partake in 'Treat Yourself Friday,' now is as good a time as ever! Their social media platforms will also be rolling back the time machine to give you a glimpse into the vintage-inspired deals.

How to get it on the offer?

To be able to enjoy a Big Mac at a fraction of the price, you'll need to download their app, before placing the order on your device and showing it at checkout.

And there you have it! That's how you can snack on your time traveling McD's burger as you watch in anticipation the showdown between the Three Lions and the Tartan Army.

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