KFC Under Fire After Woman's Reaction To Her Meal On Social Media Goes Viral

KFC is very much a staple of British comfort food, be it before during or after a night out or a hump day treat to get you through the week. But when Ellie Mallinson and her boyfriend visited their local restaurant for lunch, they made a horrific discovery.

Imagine the scenes. You roll up to your local KFC, order yourself a classic bucket of chicken and after taking a bite, you see something that makes you want to run straight back out. This was unfortunately the experience that 20-year-old Ellie Mallinson and her boyfriend, Ben Stegan-Jones endured recently.

Speaking to the Huddersfield Examiner, Ellie described the series of events as ‘stomach churning’ and that it left her feeling sick all afternoon. She was explaining her experience that occurred at the Leeds Road restaurant in Huddersfield. Upon biting into a piece of a chicken, she found that part of it was green. Disgusted by what she saw, she showed her boyfriend who was equally stunned.

After launching a complaint to the fast food chain, she received an email apologising for the events that occurred. Apparently they said ‘At KFC we set rigorous standards and controls for food hygiene. Therefore, we shall be taking the matter very seriously and we will carry out a full investigation’. Ellie had originally been told that there was nothing wrong with the chicken and that it was ‘harmless’.

If that’s not enough to put you off your dinner, I don’t know what is.

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