KFC Is Branching Out Into Hairdressing

On January 10th, fast food chain KFC offered bowl cuts to its customers to promote the release of its new "Famous Bowl".

The legendary bowl cut marks its return thanks to restaurant chain KFC!

In fact, the American fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken went viral in the US with its "Famous Bowl". So naturally, they decided to market a brand new recipe: the "Spicy Bowl Cup". To communicate on the subject, KFC went all in and hosted an unusual event: a barber shop.

On January 10, in the streets of Brooklyn, hairdressers who partnered with the brand offered KFC customers to choose from five bowl cuts to adopt. So they could look like their favorite dishes!

The lucky ones even had the chance to see their photos posted on @KFC's social networks. If this happened here, would you be tempted to try it out?

Check out the video above to see the KFC trims for yourself!

Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown? Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown?