Check Out The Inside Of The World's Fanciest McDonald's

Check Out The Inside Of The World's Fanciest McDonald's

In the United States, in Maine, a McDonald's is in such a special building that you will find it hard to believe it is a fast food restaurant.

We know that the words McDonald’s and fancy don't go very well together. Eating a Big Mac won’t get you an invitation to fashion week. However, in the city of Freeport, Maine in the USA, you can eat at a McDonald’s with class.

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You may be surprised to see a red sign with the yellow words ‘McDonald’s’ on a fancy colonial house. Built in 1850 by William Gore, a Freeport merchant, this property is 168 years old and sells chicken nuggets. Surprising, no?

In 1984, McDonald's transformed the building into a fast food restaurant despite the dissatisfaction of the local population. The 6,200 residents at the time ensured that the appearance of the building would remain unchanged.

No huge yellow M on the facade, a beautiful dining room with wooden tables and chairs, in a style far from a regular McDonald's. You can even enjoy a lobster sandwich. Who knows, maybe Donald Trump will soon be setting up his Oval Office there…

Daisy Jones
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