Breaking Bad's Los Pollos Hermanos is coming to the UK

The fast food chain that doubled as a meth manufacturing front on the hit show Breaking Bad, will be opening its first ever restaurant in the UK.

Breaking Bad fans get ready to be able to munch on the hit TV series' famous fried chicken because its coming to the UK.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Known as the fast food restaurant used as a meth manufacturing front in both Breaking Badand Better Call Saul, the real deal is coming to town very soon. Since the show first aired, many Los Pollos Hermanos inspired restaurants started to pop up across the globe—and London will soon be home to the latest fried-chicken Breaking Bad-themed eatery.

You can find the restaurant—named Los Pollos Hermanos, just like on the show— on East Indian Dock Road and will offer customers an array of different chicken-based meals.

What to expect on the menu?

The restaurant will be offering a 'Combo Deal' that will cost £7.99 and will include a Quarter peri peri chicken, two pieces of peri peri wings, two pieces of lamb ribs, fries, salad and a drink. The restaurant boasts that it will be using its famous original Los Pollos Hermanos recipe known and loved around the world.

The menu will also have buckets of fried chicken, burgers, wings, strips and even grill platters. Although the show has been over for quite some time now, fans will undoubtedly go wild at the thought of being able to eat at the now iconic restaurant.

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