A Couple Found This Shocking Message On Their McDonald's Receipt

We all know the giant fast-food chain that is McDonald's. Most of the time, when you buy food there, you can expect to get a receipt. What this couple found on theirs has gone viral.

Although we all know that it's best not to eat fast food every day, we have to admit that fast-food chains are the most convenient option at times.

McDonald's, for example, is many people's go-to for when the fridge is empty, they don't want to cook, or they just need a (cheap) place to meet up and eat with friends.

Like this father and his daughter: Emily and Vinny went to Mickey D's on December 22, in Liverpool, after doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Based on what the young woman wrote on Facebook, the restaurant was packed and, because they drove there, they were asked to park the car and wait for a McDonald's employee to bring them their food after they finished placing their order.

Usually, when this happens, employees write the car's license plate number on the receipt so the person who has to deliver the food knows where to go.

However, this daddy-daughter duo's receipt read Silver (bald). The first adjective refers to the colour of the car and the second to the father's hair -- or lack thereof.

The father and his daughter say they burst out laughing when they saw what was written on their receipt. After all, it could've been worse!

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