24 Things You'll Only Know If You've Ever Worked At McDonald's

  • For corporatism’s sake, you know you sometimes have to wear not-so-flattering outfits
  • Mac sauce is a mix of the flavors of all the Big Mac ingredients, except the meat
  • You smell like rancid oil when you get off work. But you’re too tired to change, so you show up to parties smelling like oil!
  • You probably inhaled your free meals, even when you weren’t hungry
  • When you work at McDonald’s, your friends tease you about it. But at least one of them always ends up asking you to help them get a job there.

For many of those who have experienced it, working at McDonald's is like joining a secret society where only members know certain things. Here are 25 things you know for sure if you've worked for the fast food giant.

It's common for young people to end up at McDonald's for obvious reasons: they need to make money. Easy to access (thank you Ronald!), McDonald's doors are open to those who speak correctly and have a wide range of availability.

Being ready to go through it all

Once you're in, you're officially a part of Ronald's family. Throw on a nice brown and yellow polo, a hair net if you're in the kitchen crew, and you're good to go! For an entire summer, semester or year, you'll be living the life of a Mickey D's employee.

Like any job, working at McDonald's involves juicy stories you can tell your friends after your shift, when you (still) smell like frying oil. Stealing a few fries here and there, getting hit on by customers, your colleagues' relationship stories and love woes...

The Knights of McDonald's

But working at McDonald's also comes with benefits: snacking during your shift, being able to take leftover burgers home and, above all, always having sauces for your fries! 

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When you work at McDonald's, you're bound to be teased about it by your friends. But eventually, you'll see them walk in with a smile on their face, in the middle of the summer, asking you to put in a good word for them. If you want to take a walk down memory lane, check out the pictures below!

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