Introducing The Latest Trend That No One Asked For: The Beard Bouquet

There's a new trend that has sneakily surfaced across social media and it's going after all those fellas who rock the facial hair: the beard bouquet. So, there's no need for a lengthy expanation here - just grab your things and run.

Introducing The Latest Trend That No One Asked For: The Beard Bouquet
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So, here it is lads. We've had bauble beards, fairy light beards and now we present to you a new way to terrorise your finely grown facial locks: the beard bouquet. And, yes - it is as unsettling as it sounds. All it requires is for you to throw in a couple of blooming flowers, real or fake, into your facial hair and you're ready to dazzle the world with your fabulousness.

Now, if you're not a fan of it yourself, there's a damn good chance your good lady friend will find out about it. And if you're currently rocking the luscious beard look - then you might want to watch yourself, we'll put it that way.

This floral fad bloomed in popularity across social media with grooms rocking the bouquet of flowers alongside their dressed up brides, but instead of holding the bouquet in their hands...they hold it in their beards. So, that could be a new creative way to accessorise if you're sealing the deal with your special someone this year. But otherwise? We're sure you'll be thrilled to hear that you've always got Valentine's day, my dudes.

So brace yourselves and hide your beards as February is rolling around - don't say we didn't warn you...