Here's How To Look Sharp On Your First Date This Winter

Fashion advice can seem a little out there to some but when it comes to first dates, looks matter. Can't change your conversational skills or career ambitions overnight? No problem, just fix up your style for your winter date.

Here's How To Look Sharp On Your First Date This Winter
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Here's How To Look Sharp On Your First Date This Winter
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So what's the deal with dressing well when you take her out on a first date? Shouldn't she just like and accept you for who you are, even if it means walking alongside you in your battered converse that your aunt got you when you were 16? Unfortunately, that isn't how it works. Studies show that it only takes the brain 1/10th of a second to make a snap judgement. Crazy right? But don't fret, because we're here to sort you out.

Indeed, your style matters more than you might think - whilst women aren't fussy about every detail of your attire, they do like a well-dressed and a well-groomed fellar (hopefully one like your fine self). Whilst that sounds tricky, it can be a lot easier than you might think. We've picked out 15 outfit ideas for you to pinch, paired with some simple styling tips for you to get started so you can make that 1/10th of a second really count.

1. Casual doesn't mean sloppy: Casual dates are great - they are laid-back and low-key. But make sure your outfit is still up to scratch, ensuring your clothes fit you well, are in good condition and, of course, clean. So, you might wanna ditch those tattered converse this time...

2. Dress well, then forget about it: Take time to pick your outfit well to bring out your best features and make sure to groom well before you take off. You want to show some effort for your date, but don't be too flashy. Put thought in whilst you're getting ready, forget about it when you step out the door.

3. Don't neglect a nice jacket: You might think that you can throw on anything you can find if you'll be toasty warm at that restaurant once it's off, but your jacket actually makes a big difference. As cliché as it sounds, women love a nice and a well-fitted jacket on a man.

4. No need to splash out: Dressing well might sound a little too far above your budget, but looking sharp doesn't have to blow your wallet. Allocate your dollar towards items on which you should spend more, and on which you can get away with skimping. Alternatively, ain't nothing wrong with thrifting from a charity store, where you can find plenty of gently used secondhand gems.

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