This Spectator Should Not Have Tried to Jump in the Boxing Ring…

The Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada got a glimpse of a shocking and frankly hilarious sight during the undercard of the boxing event. Take a look at the video and see how one man failed terribly when trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

In any sport, there will always be fans that decide that best use of their time is to charge the field or ring in the hopes of getting a bit of attention. In boxing, this couldn’t be truer. Video emerged after a boxing event in Toronto, Canada featuring one man trying to rush the ring, but only ending up embarrassing himself and getting caught with his pants around his ankles... literally.

A night to remember

During the undercard of the event, one still-unnamed man tried his best to force his way into the ring. Surely more than a few drinks deep, he got the idea to spice up the event that he had found, up until that point, boring. That would quickly change for him.

Upon trying to enter the ring, he was quickly pounced upon by security who swiftly tackled him down.

During the scuffle, between the man's struggling and the security's inability to get a good hold of him, the man ended up nearly stark nude on the floor of the arena while everyone around him filmed and took photos.

Do what you got to do

'When things happen that quick you can't really comprehend what's happening until you've defuse the situation', said co-promoter Lee Baxter. 'So first things first. don't let that guy in the ring."

While the man claims that the fight may have been less than exciting, he sure did make it memorable for all the other spectators sitting ringside.

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