This Experiment Shows The Shocking Difference Between Coke and Coke Zero

This is a new experience that may change your outlook on Coke Zero! In particular, it showed that there was a real difference between Coke Zero and the classic Coca Cola drink.

To see the difference in both Coca Cola drink's sugars, some people brought both to a boil and expected the water to evaporate. All that remained was the caramel - and the difference is surprising: in the classic drink, one can observe a thick pile of sugar while in the Coke Zero drink, there's almost nothing - only a few very fine residues.

If this experience shows that Coke Zero is indeed free of sugar, a study in Britain last year showed that nearly 50% of Coca Cola Zero consumers were unaware that this Coca Cola beverage contained no sugar!

The results of this experiment should therefore help to greatly reduce this percentage!

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