Check Out What Happens When They Place A Molten Weight On A Frozen Lake

While we could've told you immediately that this would not go well, it turns out that the result is much crazier than we expected. Click the video to see for yourself!

The internet is full of science experiments that, although they look really cool and we've always wondered about them in our minds, are far too dangerous for us to even consider trying at home.

However, there are people out there who are insane enough, have the appropriate equipment or enough free time to be able to carry out these experiments. And they are also kind enough to film and immortalise them for us to watch later.

One man decided to put the laws of nature to the test in the middle of a frozen lake during a particularly cold winter. He decided to place a whopping 20kg weightdirectly onto the ice, but what happened next is not what you might think!

Have you even wondered what would happen if a molten metal weight weighing twenty kilos came into contact with the surface of a frozen lake? Would the ice break? That is certainly what you might expect, but the truth is definitely far more surprising...

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If you are interested in finding out the incredible result of this seemingly dangerous experiment, check out the video above and prepare to be amazed.

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