This Worrying Study Reveals That Our Waves Are Becoming Stronger And Stronger

As a consequence of climate change, our waves could be becoming stronger according to a study published in Nature Communications.

Although you’d think that surfers would be happy about this, the results of this analysis are rather worrying. Researchers have found correlations between such phenomena and the data is closely linked, but scientists are still wary about what this could mean.

Let’s have a closer look at the study

The study correlates the height and strength of waves with climate change. There are two reasons for this: atmospheric circulation and winds on the surface, and the heating up of our waters. In fact, the overall power of these waves could have risen by 0.4% per year and per ocean basin since 1948, particularly on the surface of the oceans where stronger and more violent winds are recorded.

What’s more, the increases noted in the temperature of the seas and oceans could change the global climate and make them even stronger. This has been observed more at higher latitudes in both hemispheres, where the studies have picked up on an increase of more than 1% in the height of waves per year. Wave climate projections also indicate a significant increase in the strength of waves in the Pacific and the Southern Oceans.

The consequence of stronger waves

In reality, stronger and more intense waves will have an impact on coastal areas since they will aggravate and escalate the number of floods and amount of erosion observed here. Similarly, this will certainly have consequences for human activities like marine travel and even fishing.

Check out the video above for more on this worrying news...

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