The UK Could Run Out Of Water In Just 25 Years

Water is life. Yet England could miss by 2044, and it’s far from the only country to be affected by the oncoming shortage.

This is an alarming finding made by the Environmental Agency. By 2044, 25 years from now, the country – despite being rainy - will not have enough water for all its citizens.

"Water companies agree that the major risk comes from global warming," said James Bevan, head of the Environmental Agency, at a conference in London. Summers may be getting hotter and hotter, which will cause the rivers to dry up and eventually lead to a shortage.

The projected population explosion for the United Kingdom is unlikely to improve the situation. The number of inhabitants is expected to increase from 67 to 75 million by 2050, according to specialists. The country faces another problem: sewage. Not all water supply pipelines are in good condition and there are leaks that make water disappear.

England is far from alone in seeing its future darken in terms of the availability of water. According to the think tank Niti Aayog, residents of 21 major cities in India will no longer have access to water next year, meaning 100 million people impacted.

Tehran, Mexico City and Beijing could all experience water shortages in the next five years as well, according to Geo magazine.

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