Polluted Oceans: Kayakers Rescue Turtle Tangled in Trash

It's no longer a surprise to anyone: plastic pollution has spread to all the oceans. There are many videos that reveal its harmful effects on animals all over the Internet. Check out this footage of a turtle that was found trapped in waste by kayakers.

While kayaking off the coast of Sardina del Norte, on the island of Gran Canaria, a couple happened upon a sad sight: a turtle was floating in the water, as though it could no longer swim. As they got closer, the two kayakers immediately saw what was wrong.

The turtle had its head and fins tangled in a plastic bag and fishing net. So, the man grabbed the turtle to untangle it. After releasing its fins, he made sure the turtle wasn't hurt in the process, then put it back in the water.

A sad reality

It's great to see people take action in the face of a situation that is unfortunately far from new, as plastic waste continues to pollute our oceans, worrying scientists. In European countries like France, thousands of dolphins have been found dead on beaches, and authorities suspect that they were victims of fishing and the waste it produces.

All over the world, animals suffer from plastic pollution, and things aren't getting any better. Experts estimated that in 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans if we don't come up with a solution soon. There's an urgent need for us to implement serious measures to protect biodiversity, as well as our health.

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