After she was threatened by hackers, she decided to shock fans by posting this scandalous photo

YouTuber Alissa Violet posted an ‘incriminating’ photo of herself after she was threatened by hackers.

When she posted the photo of herself on 5th October last year, the entire community first thought she had been hacked.

Eagle-eyed audience

The first person that people pointed the finger at was naturally her former boyfriend, Banks, a former professional Call of Duty player and co-president of FaZe Clan.

Very quickly, Alissa Violet, a YouTuber from California with 3.9 million followers, explained what had happened. As it turns out, she had posted the famous photo herself as you can see in our video above, after she had been threatened by hackers who had managed to get their hands on the photo.

Simple as

She decided to jump the gun and post it herself to avoid the blackmail. In a series of direct messages to The Bread Batch, she clarified a few things.

It literally has nothing to do with Banks. A hacker was threatening me to leak it, so I just posted it.

A great response to hackers which unfortunately isn’t a possibility for all of their blackmail victims. This is occurring more and more often and affects lots of content providers on the internet.

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