After Battling Bulimia, This Girl Has Managed To Completely Transform Her Life

The issue of eating disorders in the UK and abroad is one that seems to be ever-growing. In a time where social media trends and beliefs heap enormous pressure on young individuals to look or behave in certain way, growing up is tough nowadays. Regan Slatic, a 21-year-old from California is an example of this. This is the story of her incredible transformation.

For years, 21-year-old student from California, Regan Slatic was ridiculed by her classmates and her ex-boyfriend for being too tall and too fat. At the same time, she admits that the pressure from Tumblr posts that promoted the idea of eating disorders, contributed to the conception of her battle with Bulimia Nervorsa.

Regan explains that the battle with the eating disorder first started in 2012, when she was 15. As everyone’s body is changing at that age, naturally everyone is insecure about their body. Speaking to UNILAD, she explained how she was ‘nicknamed Thunder Thighs’. This coupled with a similar mind-set to her friends, who would compete to see who could eat the less, further added to the severity of her disorder.

Regan also explained how the disorder was affecting her in her first year of University; even after joining a sorority. She admits how she would often pass off her purging, as just a bad hangover as ‘it was easier’. After her cries for help during university bonding exercises were overlooked, she decided to take a stand and started therapy sessions with doctors and psychologists.

After taking back control of her life, she took to social media to post her incredible transformation photos. With the help of her new ‘amazing’ boyfriend, she has managed to turn her life around completely.

What an incredibly moving and powerful story. Nobody should ever feel like they have to look or appear a certain way. It’s about time we drop this obsession with looking a certain way. For good.

Check out the video above to see more of Regan's incredible transformation.

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