There's More To Emily Ratajkowski's Killer Cleavage Than You Think

The model turned up the heat by flaunting her killer curves, but everybody noticed this small detail. Find out what it is!

If there's something Emily Ratajkowski is really good at, it's getting everyone's attention - whether it's her loyal fans or the media.

The model and actress knows that she has a dream body and never misses a chance to flaunt it on social networks, especially on her personal Instagram account.

On Instagram, the ‘it girl’ has a whopping 23 million followers, who very likely break a sweat every time she posts a picture.

That's what happened when she posted her latest pictures, which reveals a dangerous amount cleavage, and left social network users breathless.

Emily Ratajkowski's sexy snapshot already had more than 800 thousand likes... and counting! In addition, it also has plenty of comments praising her beauty, but more importantly, pointing out a small detail.

Indeed, the photo not only gives us an up-close and personal look at the model, it also hides something that didn't go unnoticed by her fans. We'll give you all the details in the video. Just press play!

This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried