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Fans Can't Take Their Eyes Off Of Emily Ratajkowski's Latest Post

Emily Ratajkowski has been getting her fans in a tizzy again with her latest Instagram post.

The American model has a body unlike anyone else and GQ Australia knows this. Emily Ratajkowski has recently posted a photo on Instagram that was taken in a photoshoot she did for the number one Australian magazine.

In the photo, the young 27-year-old woman shows off her very busty cleavage, with her arms crossed, showing just enough to turn up the heat all over the world.

A few weeks ago, she did a photo shoot for the Australian version of Vogue and the land down under was really lucky. Her fans were won over by this photo and it received numerous comments about her amazing physique.

Check out the video above for a peek at Em's shoot Down Under...

By Anna Wilkins
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