These Incredible Natural Ice Sculptures Are Totally Mesmerising

• Abbie Marshall
This soap bubble that froze when it came into contact with the cold air
Flower buds after an ice storm
A snow sheet at the bottom of a slide
The ice on Baïkal Lake in Siberia
A frozen lake

Captured in all four corners of the world, these photographers took some exceptional yet completely natural ice formations. And they make us want to finally put aside our differences with winter and the cold.

As daunting as the cold is, it can sometimes present us with some marvelous surprises and these amazing ice formations are a great example of that. These natural sculptures are the product of lots of different weather variables. Subject to temperature and humidity hazards, they can take on some surprising shapes and sizes.

Fragile and ephemeral, these structures give the countryside a more artistic touch and the most impressive are undoubtedly those affected by freezing rain. This weather phenomenon takes place when rain falls when the temperature is below 0°C. When the rain falls, the water droplets instantly freeze on the first objects they land on, covering them with a transparent ice film.