The Mystery Of The River Flowing At The Bottom Of The Mexican Sea Has An Explanation

In the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, swimmers who dive into the Cenote Angelita can find a baffling spectacle: a river within a sea.

Mexico is a beautiful country, with rich and varied landscapes, and which is always full of surprises! Starting with this incredible river located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Angelita is about 9 miles south of Tulum in Mexico. There an underwater river is hiding under the water of a cenote. The latter is a chasm filled with water born from the collapse of limestone rock located above a network of caves and underground rivers.

A mixture that gives surprising results

At a depth of 90 feet is an underwater river. Some of these chasms are connected to the ocean and also harbour salt water. This peculiarity explains the formation of the strange river.

A river at the bottom of a lake

The Angelita cenote is composed of fresh water which is at a depth of 100 feet and a layer of hydrogen sulphate which gives it a milky appearance.

Check out the video to catch a glimpse of what the river looks like in all its glory! Who else is thinking about grabbing a wet suit?

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