The Earth is flat: Many believe David Blaine's latest stunt has proved conspiracy theorists right

American Illusionist David Blaine recently completed an ascent to 24,000 feet above the Arizona desert with nothing but 50 helium balloons. The stunt was also live streamed leading many Flat Earthers to believe that the footage is proof of their claims.

Blaine says the incredible stunt was '10 years in the making' and was supposed to occur over his hometown of New York but windy conditions on the day forced the man to take his balloons and his big ideas all the way to Page, Arizona.

The magician who is most known for his levitation tricks decided to use 50 massive, multicoloured helium balloons and take them to the skies. And, because the scene bared a striking resemblance to the film Up it had to be live-streamed for all to see.

Youtube/ David Blaine

Blaine managed to get to an impressive 24,000 ft into the air which is around 7,300m and the death-defying view was breathtaking. But, many Flat Earthers noticed a detail in the footage that they believe proves their conspiracy.

Youtube/ David Blaine

The body camera footage showed the world from Blaine's perspective and from 24,000 ft the Earth undoubtedly was still flat. Many people who saw the footage commented things such as 'Earth is flat!' and:

Truly great to see that giant flat disc that we live on praise TM.

Another person commented:

David should be now in the know to answer the age old question: Is the earth round or flat? Did you see the curvature?
Youtube/ David Blaine

However, many others claimed that they saw the curvature of the Earth which can normally only be seen from about 35,000 ft or 10,600m, which is roughly near the same height that planes fly. One person was quick to state:

Anybody still wondering if the earth is flat? I swear I see a curve and that makes the earth round but what do I know I only have working eyes lmao.

Another viewer chimed in:

See the curvature there, flatearthers? 😂

Despite the extensive evidence from all kinds of scientists that prove that the Earth is round, nobody will be able to convince conspiracy theorists...Especially Flat Earthers. Those who believe that our planet is as flat as a pancake are convinced that the likes of NASA and other government agencies are lying to civilians and staging satellite images to create a 'round Earth conspiracy'. Why? We will never know.

Blaine's ascent lasted about an hour in total and finished off with him letting go of the balloons and making the parachute assisted plunge back to the safety of the ground.

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