Scientists explain why ships and planes keep disappearing in the Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle's legend is enduring. Why have there been so many disappearances in this mysterious and fascinating place?

Situated between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Triangleis a zone which is feared by all ships and planes that pass nearby. For years and years, this place has been the setting of many unexplained disappearances which have gradually cemented its legendary status.

Sane, yet no less scary possibilities

The craziest hypotheses, involving sea monsters, alien abductions and even portals to a parallel universe, have all been suggested to try to understand why this area magically swallowed up all those who dare to venture there.

But these theories are ancient history from now on because scientists think they have discovered the real secret of the Bermuda Triangle. While they were studying the composition and texture of the ocean floor in this area of the Atlantic, they discovered that the latter was situated at the top of an immense underwater mountain over 13,000 feet high.

Surrounded by very sharp reefs, some of which can reach 40 feet in height, this mountain, which was probably formed after a volcanic eruption, also commands whirlpools which can reach a depth of over 26,000 feet.

A meteorological crossroads

‘The whirlpools are clear, there are immense tunnels with very powerful suction,’ explains professor of marine biology Tom Iliffe in a report broadcast by Channel Five, which claims that this phenomenon could be responsible for enormous objects being sucked under the surface of the water.

Scientists also note that the Bermuda Triangle is the scene of another strange phenomenon. This area is the meeting point of hurricanes, equatorial tempests and storms coming from the coast of Mexico, and they all converge to unsettle the sea. Now we understand why these past few years there were 75 plane crashes and several hundred boat disappearances in the area.

This Scientist May Have Solved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle! This Scientist May Have Solved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle!