Mount Etna just erupted, and you won't believe how violent it was

This February 16, the Etna volcano in Italy erupted. This natural phenomenon led to a rain of flaming stones and a mind-blowing lava flow.

The Etna volcano is one of the most famous on the planet but also one of the most active. And that is something the whole world was witness to yesterday, February 16th. Towards the end of the afternoon, the Sicilian volcano located near the city of Catania erupted. The eruption caused a large lava flow on the western side as well as a shower of stones and ash on the port city. And the least you could say is that the images are spectacular.

'We've seen worse'

While many have emphasized the impressive nature of the event, for Stefano Branca, director of the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) explained that it 'was not at all worrying.' He added: 'We have seen worse.' The organization also reassured the local populations by explaining that the people living near the volcano were not at risk.

Regardless of reassurances, the airport was closed following the eruption. Then, at the beginning of the evening, the firefighters still announced that certain areas remained under surveillance: the municipalities of Linguaglossa, Fornazzo and Milo.

Social networks were ablaze over it

Very quickly, images of the eruption flooded the Web. It must be said that they are absolutely impressive. At the end of the afternoon, you could observe a grand plume with incredible colors above the volcano.

Note that the pictures taken later in the day are equally impressive.

You can bet that this February 16, 2021, will be remembered for a long time, as the day when Etna gave us such beautiful images!

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