A massive cave untouched by humans has been discovered in Canada

Researchers are ecstatic upon the discovery of this Canadian cave. In addition to its incredible size, it has also never before been seen by man.

An immense gaping abyss has just been discovered on a mountain slope in one of the most isolated corners of Canada. Nicknamed the Sarlacc Pit in reference to the dwelling of the fearsome creature that devoured Boba Fett in ‘Star Wars, Episode VI’, this could have even been the first time that thecave was discovered by man.

A monstrous cave

Hidden in the provincial park known as Wells Gray in British Columbia, the Sarlacc Pitt is so impressive and huge that it is even confusing explorers.

‘My immediate reaction was that there can’t be a cave there, it’s impossible,’ confessed geoscientist Catherine Hickson who was at the head of the exploration mission.

It’s huge. It is enormous. When you first see it, you just gasp because it’s just this huge hole in the ground.

The cave (which is still waiting for an official name to be assigned) was discovered in April 2018, whilst a helicopter was flying over that was supposed to be counting caribou and was an extremely lucky discovery that is really exciting researchers.

The team claims it has a number of characteristics that, when combined, make it of ‘national significance’. Researches stated:

It is a major new find in Western Canada and promises a dramatic new chapter in the story of Canadian cave exploration

‘I’ve been in some of the biggest caves in the world, and this thing has an entrance that is truly immense, and not just by Canadian standards,’ commented archaeological surveyor John Pollack.

When you’re standing on the edge looking down into it, your line of sight is nearly 600 feet (183 meters).
The Sarlacc Pit Canadian Geographic/YouTube

Under the radar

It is surprising to note that this monster of an abyss, measuring 100 meters long by 60 meters wide (on the surface) has, until recently, gone completely undetected. According to Hickson, 20 or 50 years ago, the cave could have simply been full of snow throughout the year which could be why it went unnoticed. Hickson concluded:

Even in this day and age, when we think we know everything, and we’ve explored every place, we can be surprised.
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