In The USA, Certain States Have Found A Surprising Solution To The Pension Problem

In the United States, some states have found the solution to finance pensions: the sale of cannabis.

It's a crisis in Illinois, a State in the USA. For the next four years, the government must find a solution to fund pensions and find an additional billion. In New Jersey, the cost of these pensions and debts will account for one-third of the budget by 2023. As a result, a solution has been found by the authorities: cannabis.

5 million in revenue

In this country, marijuana is becoming more and more tolerated. In Michigan, for example, recreational use was legalize, while medical use was passed in Missouri. As a result, J.B. Pritzker, the future governor of Illinois, wants to legalize recreational marijuana in order to recover money from taxes on the product to finance pensions. This could bring in 5 million, something to perhaps change the minds of those who consider this project as unethical.

Sophie West
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