Once Again, UFC President Dana White Is Coming Out in Support of Donald Trump

UFC President Dana White once again showed his support for President Donald Trump, in the midst of his re-election campaign.

Dana White shows his support for Donald Trump

UFC President Dana White is a long-time supporter of US President Donald Trump. In a prerecorded video shown on August 27, 2020, during the Republican National Convention, the American renewed his support for the President, calling on his compatriots to re-elect Donald Trump:

Hey everyone. I am Dana White, president of the UFC. Many of you know who I am, what I do, and that I am friends with the president. I spoke at this convention four years ago, and I’m back because I believe we need President Trump’s leadership now more than ever.

He claims Trump handled the coronavirus crisis well:

Now, let’s talk about COVID, and let’s be very honest about it. No one person and no one place could’ve anticipated the challenges that COVID would bring. But President Trump has faced all these obstacles head-on. He immediately put protective measures in place, and he reached out to the best and the brightest leading American businesses across all industries to discuss what he and his administration could do to get the economy back up and running safely.

He doubled down making some pretty bold claims about Trump's accomplishments compared to previous presidents:

And remember: President Trump may be the only president in modern times who has actually done everything he’s said he would do during his campaign. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s re-elect President Trump, let’s figure out what the problems are and continue to find solutions to those problems, then let’s get to work.
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