Surgeons use cocaine in heart transplant

American surgeons have transplanted a pig's heart into a human being with a never-before-used technique using cocaine.

Surgeons use cocaine in heart transplant
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Surgeons use cocaine in heart transplant

For the first 'pig to human' heart transplant,' doctors have succeeded in implanting a pig heart into a human body and thus tricking the host body into accepting the vital organ. To do this, they used a very original drug cocktail.

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The first surgery of this kind in the USA

According to a report in VICE magazine, the medical experiment associated with this transplant may be partly successful because of a drug of the 'hard' variety. More commonly used in raves rather than in hospitals, the doctors have apparently used a tiny 'gram' of cocaine.

In order to succeed with this risky surgery, the daring and innovative mixture of hormones and cocaine is the first of its kind. Indeed, it is an experimental trial in terms of surgery in the US. Produced by the Swedish manufacturer XVIVO, it required a rather serious examination by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).

A spicy cocktail that brings in some real energy

The mixture used in the US (produced by the Swedish manufacturer XVIVO) required a fairly serious review by the DEA. Doctor and director of cardiac xenotransplantation Muhammad Mohiuddin explains that without this special mixture, the vital organ would have failed in under 48 hours.

With the new formula, 'the heart was preserved and started beating properly.' This is a first-time revelation about this medication at the Maryland Medical Center. Doctors admit, however, that it was a tiny amount of cocaine that kept the organ going and saved the situation.

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