How Can You Stick To Your Diet When You’re Not Cooking For Yourself?

Sticking to your diet on a daily basis can be difficult in itself. But it can be even more so when you’re not the one doing the cooking.

Having a particular type of diet can be great for when you really want to see results. Whether you’re trying to get rid of fat or bulk up, whatever the objective is: food is what you need to be focusing on to reach your goals.

However, not everyone is independent and being in control of your diet can sometimes be complicated. If this is the case, sticking to a certain diet is impossible, particularly if you’re trying to be really precise.

If you’re not cooking for yourself, then you can’t control the exact quantity of food you’re intaking and even less so the quality, but you can still keep an eye on what you eat.

Make up for it with breakfast and snacks

You may not be in control of what you eat for lunch and dinner, but breakfast is normally down to you. This is the time to be strict with yourself and follow your plan right down to the very last detail, according to what your goal is. The same applies to snacks, as they allow your body to absorb the nutrients you need to progress. In other words, it’s up to you to ‘make up’ for what you can’t control.

Don’t give into temptation

If you’re eating at uni or at the canteen at work, then you have to be careful. Choose vegetables and protein, even if your stomach is telling you to go for a big plate of chips. If you can’t cook, still try and control what you eat as much as possible.

Opt for the most nutritious and least fatty option possible.

This means avoiding all dishes that come with a sauce, carbohydrates (even if pasta is allowed sometimes), super sweet desserts and focus on which one is the healthiest.

Don’t overdo it either

If you’re at your parents' house, you can always talk to them about your meals. Hopefully your parents will understand that eating better is important to you and they may even come to change their own habits.

But you shouldn’t go overboard either. A small deviation from time to time has never hurt anyone. Unless a competition or a major event is coming up, you know that people are going to invite you over for dinner. Whatever they may cook for you and whatever its nutritional value may be, just count it as a cheat meal and go back to your normal diet the next day.

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