A Murderer's Outrageous Gesture In The Face Of His Victim's Family

A Murderer's Outrageous Gesture In The Face Of His Victim's Family

Karina Vetrano was killed on a summer day. After having left to go for a run she never came back. She was unlucky to cross paths with this heartless murderer, who not only took her life, but neglected to show his respect to Vetrano's grieving parents when at trial for her murder. Many have shown their utmost indignation.

August 2016. Karina, a 30-year-old New Yorker decides, as she did on so many other summer afternoons, to go for a run. Who would have thought that this workout was going to cost her her life?

Unfortunately, Karina ended up crossing paths with Chanel Lewis. Furthermore with the bleak reality that gender violence is so common that even in a park, in one of the most advanced cities in the world and in broad daylight, you could still be confronted with this crime.

Karina was found dead days later, with clear signs of violence, in a wooded area of ​​the park. Her body was already in a state of decomposition.

Chanel Lewis left the scene after suffocating the victim. He spent 6 months fleeing from justice. Until the investigators on the case found him and he ended up confessing to the crime in an interrogation with the police.

Killing an innocent girl in the prime of life and leaving her corpse lying in the bushes is typical of abject, sick people who lack empathy. As you can see in the video, the gesture that Chanel Lewis made to her family during the trial proves he simply doesn't have a soul.

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The parents' reaction - who claim that their life no longer holds meaning - is totally understandable. So are their words directed to the murderer. At least we can confirm that his sentence has done all the justice that can be done.

Source: The Sun

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