This model was sentenced to jail for possession of £30 worth of Cannabis

Former Primark model, Jed Texas, was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison after Indonesian authorities found 85 grams of cannabis at his place of residence in Bali.

The British fashion model was arrested back in April of this year in Bali after police raided his villa at the Canggu resort. He has now been sentenced to 5 years of incarceration at the infamous Kerobokan Prison known for its complicated history of riots and violence involving guards and inmates.

Suspected drug trafficking

In total, nine small plastic bags containing just a little over three ounces, or about £30 pounds worth of marijuana, as well as a set of electronic scales were obtained from his villa. This begs the question as to whether some sort of drug trafficking was at play or if the model was purely consuming recreationally or, as he claims, medically:

I couldn't go home [during the pandemic] so I bought a lot of marijuana to relieve my anxiety. I admit that my using marijuana in Indonesia is against the law. I am very sorry. I knew it was illegal, but I didn't think the sentence would be so high like this. I use it to treat psychological disorders.

A hefty fine in addition to jail time

Known for its notoriously strict drug laws, Indonesian authorities have also fined the former Burberry model £60,000 which could result in an extra six months of imprisonment if not paid.

The Judge who prosecuted the 30-year-old during his trial said:

The defendant's actions have damaged the image of Bali as a tourist destination. Texas is guilty of committing a criminal act by possessing narcotics type one. I sentence Jed Texas to five years in prison, reduced for his time in detention (seven months).

Texas has stated having been left with constant feelings of pain and shame since his arrest. He will appeal his conviction, hoping that his history with medicinal usage of the drug back home will lessen the severity of his sentence.

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