This Man Has Outraged The Internet By Stealing Money From A Disabled Child

A man stole a charity collection for a sick child's care in a French supermarket. The video of his theft was very shocking.

This is a video that shocked the public. A man was filmed stealing a charity collection which was intended for a sick child, at the checkout of a supermarket in Gonesse, France. In the footage taken from the store's video surveillance, we see the culprit repeatedly attempt to steal the money intended for the child, before he finally manages to hide it in his coat.

The store manager, outraged by this theft, posted the images on Facebook. In a comment, he affirmed that he would not take down the video until the money was returned. It has been viewed 1.4 million times and shared many times. (See video above)

"A kick in the teeth"

The money was intended for Tylian, a six-year-old who has cerebral palsy, which makes travelling very difficult. The charity money was meant to partially finance the little boy's care and surgery - he currently uses a wheelchair or walker.

"It was a kick in the teeth for us. He stole from our child, he stole a part of the hope that people give us" commented the little boy's father of in Le Parisien.

The silver lining in all this is that this case has triggered a wave of solidarity for the little boy. The online money pool for the boy's care has now reached over 24,000 euros of the 47,000 needed.

Check out the video above to see the shocking footage for yourself!

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