This Is The Chilling Smile Of The Man Who Opened Fire In A Mosque

This Is The Chilling Smile Of The Man Who Opened Fire In A Mosque

Philip Manshaus, 21 years-old, was on trial on Monday for opening fire in a mosque this summer in a suburb of Oslo. He is also charged with the murder of his half-sister.

A terrorist attack

On Saturday, August 10th, 2019, a young Norwegian named Philip Manshaus opened fire in the Al-Noor mosque, in the city of Baerum, a suburb of Oslo.

Armed with at least two weapons, the young man was subdued by a 65-year-old former Pakistani army officer, one of three people present in the mosque at the time of the attack. Philip Manshaus also had a GoPro attached to his helmet, the videos of which are currently in the possession of the police.

The Norwegian is also charged with the murder of his half-sister, whose dead body was found the same day as the shooting.

An icy smile

On Monday, August 12th, Philip Manshaus entered the courtroom with his face covered in bruises, but smiling at the cameras present at his trial.

The 21-year-old man is no stranger to trouble with the law. Indeed, he had already been reported to the Norwegian authorities a year ago, but the information was too insignificant at the time to arrest Philip Manshaus.

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He is therefore charged with a ‘terrorist act’ and ‘homicide.’ However, he is asking for his release. His lawyer commented on the subject: ‘He rejects the charges against him and exercises his right to remain silent.’

Despite his request, the judge ordered a four-week interim incarceration, two of which were in segregation.

Video Sources : Twitter @CGTN America

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