Sneaky Delivery Driver Is Caught On CCTV As He Nabs Contents From Christmas Package Meant For Delivery

A UPS delivery driver in LA is caught by security cameras stealing himself a Christmas treat out of the package he was supposed to deliver. He grabs a controller of the console before leaving the part-empty package at the doorstep...

Don't you just love it when sneaky, petty thieves get caught on camera whilst they think they've gotten away with a seamless crime? Indeed, this case is no different where a driver is clearly seen looking around, checking for any witnesses before helping himself inside the package and grabbing a Playstation controller. The delivery man strolls off leisurely with the controller neatly tucked in his jacket.

Of course, the culprit won't be getting away this easy as the whole thing was caught by security cameras. The footage (seen above) has now been circulating online, gaining hundreds of thousands of views since initially being posted.

Well, that wasn't very Christmassy... 



Will Armstrong
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